Oh we’re going too the hukilao!

I tell you what, front row seats at the luau are totally worth it!!


This luau was right along the water next to King Kamehameha’s tomb, complete with tiki torches and talented dancers! Lisa and I received leis, and the boys shell necklaces. The ‘king’ and his court came in by boat, landed on the beach, and opened the luau onstage. There were games, we learned to dance hula (embarrassingly fun), the buffet was amazing, open bars, fantastic band, and very talented dancers!


‘Swing Those Hips!’ video (22MB, 11 sec): dscn5796

They even had cooked pigs and turkeys underground in the traditional emu style. Everyone needs to try this type of meat at some point in their lives because it is so amazingly yummy! 🙂


What a great night! Thank you Dad and Lisa! (Shout Out to Dad who won the game of Smart Ass later that night! 😛 )

2 thoughts on “Oh we’re going too the hukilao!”

  1. Amber and Lukas,
    Your under water pictures are great. It is usually difficult to get good photos. They usually look “washed out” and are not sharp. I assume you took them with the nikon camera. Did you use any accessories (e.g., enclosure, lens, etc)? It has been raining. It has been a few yrs since it rained so much at one time, i.e., over the last few days.
    Love kent and dorothy

    1. Hi there! Thankyou 😀
      Yes we took all of these photos with the Nikon Coolpix AW130, no extra lens or housing and no editing. The camera itself is waterproof down to 30m and has an underwater setting. However, you definitely have to be rather stable when you take the photos if they are close ups!
      Amber and Lukas

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