Mega Waves!

We had heard about secret beach and wanted to check it out despite the strong surf…

The entrance on the side of the wildlife refuge wasn’t open so we were forced to go around.


However, while there we got to see the albatross that had just arrived that week to start their arduous breeding season. As one parent sits on the nest, the other makes the three day journey up to Alaska to fill their stomachs with fish and fly back. Leaving the cliff, they have been observed to only make ONE FLAP of their wings, and then proceed to glide the REST of the way! The traveling mate makes this journey countless times over the following months until the chick is big enough to leave on its own. Then BOTH parents make the journey to feed the chick! Sheesh…



Using google, we tried random small roads and finally found a very sneaky passageway between houses down to the beach!! The surf was NOT to be messed with.


It was several meters in height above the level of the sand! One group walking on the nearby rocks (not smart) were caught in water up to their waist and almost got swept away!

Lukas was living life on the dangerous side and escaping the waves as they broke, which later on after talking to a lifeguard we found out just how dangerous that can be (several people have been swept out to sea)! No more of that…

Here’s a clip of him evading the enormous waves. Click on the blue link to see the video (15sec, 30MB): dscn7891


The harsh waves dragged the black sand from within our footprints and smoothed them out in one wave, leaving geometric patterns behind:


Luckily we left the beach unscathed that day. Never turn your back on the ocean!

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