Enjoyin Kauai- Slack lining and Chocolate!

29 October 2016

We found a great farmers market down the road at the community college with tons of fruit, honey, good food, and even fresh cocoa/cacao beans!

dscn6671Delicious lunch! The pink and white fruit is called Dragon Fruit and is grown on-island. Super tasty!

Check out this thing:

Shipwreck beach is a great beach to play in the waves and relax. Off to the left there’s a path to another beach and a bluff that’s perfect for cliff jumping! We even got to try slack lining! …….Hah! I had no idea what slack lining was either 😛 A really nice local told us all about it and even taught us how to do it! You string the line up between two objects and attempt to make it across. The more advanced you get, the longer the distance and the more acrobatics you try!



Me trying it out:

We’re definitely thinking about getting one of these later when we settle. It’s such a great whole body work out.  Thanks for the try Chelsea!


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